Did you know it’s impossible to tell your brain NOT to do something!? Crazy, right ?

The human brain cannot comprehend the negative. It is incapable!

I’ll give you an example … don’t think of a Christmas tree.

What was the first thing that popped into your head? The ginormous tree at Rockefeller Center? Or the tiny Christmas tree emoji on your phone? Maybe it’s the traditional tree your family trims each year.

That just goes to show you; we’re not able to tell our brains not to do something, so when we put things in a negative light unconsciously, it’s reinforcing them and making us more pessimistic. But there are three easy ways that will help you have a positive mindset:

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Believe it or not, even the most difficult of life’s moments can be turned into something positive.

If we have a positive mindset and look for what is best in any given situation no matter if successful happenings result out of this opportunity or not, then there will always be enough strength left to keep going!

With that being said, I do believe these are two things every person should choose: joy and positivity.


  • The next time you say “I can’t,” stop yourself and ask: “How can I?”.
  • Next, if your thoughts tell you that it won’t work for you then adjust what’s happening. Instead of saying “This won’t work,” try asking “How can this work?”
  • Finally, make a choice in the moment by substituting “I can’t” with something more empowering such as “I choose.” Rather than saying, “I can’t have ice cream,” try saying, “I choose not to have ice cream.”

The benefits of having a positive mindset are astounding.

Optimists cope with stressful situations better than pessimists.

Researchers tell us you can experience increased immunity and improved wellness.

Best of all, positive thinking can play a major role in resilience. Resilience refers to our ability to cope with problems and crises.

Start now – focus on finding something to create a positive mindset every day.