Think back to a time when you knew exactly what you wanted your life to look like. Didn’t it seem much easier to dream of your future self when you were younger … even when you were a child?!

When you know your personal mission, you can get back to dreaming about what the future holds and shifting your focus to get you on the right track.

Watch now …

As I said, my Personal Mission Statement is:

To glorify God and encourage people I encounter by…

? Living a Healthy Lifestyle
? Always Learning New Things
? and Giving Generously

Do you have a personal mission statement? What is it – please share!

If not, will you consider developing one? Reach out to me if you’d like to know more about how to write your own personal mission statement. It’s really a simple process and you’ll have the perfect statement to keep your focus and the dreams for your future right in front of you.