Diane Laffoon

I’m Diane

I am a wellness coach, joy junkie, and essential oil enthusiast dedicated to helping you and your family experience lives full of joy!

I’m also a lover of all things psychology. Whether it’s researching the latest in neuroscience findings or reading the newest self-help book, I enjoy learning everything I can about what influences people.

After graduating from Taylor University with a degree in psychology, my career has always involved working with people while traveling nationally and internationally as a trainer and mentor.

Fun Fact: I spent several years producing and marketing events to encourage married couples in their relationships! Being the only single girl in a hotel ballroom filled with hundreds of married couples wasn’t an easy place to choose joy, but I found a way.

Because I’m seasoned in the struggle of balancing family, career, home, and just plain old life, I know how challenging it can be to overcome all the demands – but I’m here to show you that you can choose joy each day!

I have over 12 years of experience working with people from all walks of life who want more out of their lives than what they’re currently experiencing. I enjoy teaching others about essential oils because I know many people don’t understand how powerful they are for supporting your body and your emotional issues.

Now, by blending all my passions together into one program, my work is about helping people live joyfully! How? By choosing a healthy lifestyle, living in gratitude, keeping a healthy mindset, and always learning new things.

I am living the life God planned for me. But my dedication doesn’t stop there – I’m determined to help you find peace of mind by exploring ways for you to improve your quality of life while creating more time for joy in your every day.

Are you ready to come along on this journey?

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Diane Laffoon

It all starts with YOU

When you invest in your family’s well being through me, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with every product you purchase, you support a person in need.