About Diane Laffoon

Diane is a wellness coach, joy junkie, and essential oil enthusiast dedicated to helping you and your family experience lives full of joy! She’s traveled nationally and internationally as a trainer and mentor. Seasoned in the struggle of balancing family, career, home, and just plain old life, Diane knows how challenging it can be to overcome all the demands – but she’s here to show you that you can choose joy each day! Now, by blending all her passions together into one program, her work is about helping people live joyfully! By choosing a healthy lifestyle, living in gratitude, keeping a healthy mindset, and always learning new things. Diane is living out the life that God has always meant for her. But Diane's dedication doesn't stop there - she's determined to help you find peace of mind by exploring ways for you to live a healthier lifestyle while creating more time for joy in your everyday life.
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