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Diane is a wellness coach, joy junkie, and essential oil enthusiast dedicated to helping you and your family experience lives full of joy! She’s traveled nationally and internationally as a trainer and mentor. Seasoned in the struggle of balancing family, career, home, and just plain old life, Diane knows how challenging it can be to overcome all the demands – but she’s here to show you that you can choose joy each day! Now, by blending all her passions together into one program, her work is about helping people live joyfully! By choosing a healthy lifestyle, living in gratitude, keeping a healthy mindset, and always learning new things. Diane is living out the life that God has always meant for her. But Diane's dedication doesn't stop there - she's determined to help you find peace of mind by exploring ways for you to live a healthier lifestyle while creating more time for joy in your everyday life.

The feeling is still refreshing every time I take a blissful power nap


There's no reason to feel convicted if you decide to grab a few winks during the day. While it might be tempting to munch on snacks or down an energy drink to get you through the mid-afternoon slump, taking a power nap instead can have health benefits. If you think that a short sleep [...]

The feeling is still refreshing every time I take a blissful power nap2020-12-10T16:53:37-05:00

It was crazy! I saw them every where I turned


It’s a tough time of year - especially this year if you’ve lost a loved one, lost your job, or are suffering in some way because of the restrictions and covid. There isn’t a better time to practice shifting your focus. Here you will discover 4 simple tricks to shift your focus so you [...]

It was crazy! I saw them every where I turned2021-03-23T15:50:29-04:00

Give Generously to Choose Joy


Do you know what today is? It’s Giving Tuesday! One of the best ways to choose joy is to give generously. Sometimes we are shortsighted in all we have to offer! Today I would challenge you to look at ways you can give generously that doesn’t simply mean a financial gift. Watch Now [...]

Give Generously to Choose Joy2021-03-23T15:51:24-04:00

Thanksgiving Traditions


Here in the U.S., we are celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday this week. If you know me at all, you know I’m all about being grateful and counting our blessings. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s just a mindset shift… but I get a little frustrated that many of our family traditions center around the [...]

Thanksgiving Traditions2021-03-23T15:51:41-04:00

Do you have enough fun in your life?


How much fun do you experience in your routine? Things that make you smile or even laugh out loud? Most of us want to have more fun, we’ve just stopped looking for ways to do it! On this Joy Tip of the Week, I share something I was recently introduced to that has ramped [...]

Do you have enough fun in your life?2021-07-29T14:55:39-04:00

How to rejoice and delight in every situation


Life is not always up to our expectations. Is there always a way to rejoice about something? This week you'll hear three actions to take to choose joy and rejoice no matter what your circumstances are. (Plus a tip for using Joy essential oil blend!) Thanks [...]

How to rejoice and delight in every situation2021-03-23T15:52:33-04:00

Bad things happen – how to change your perspective 💫


As we head into November we are mindful of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Although Thanksgiving was meant to point our hearts toward gratitude, sometimes it becomes easy to take our blessings in stride. There are some little habits that we can pick up in order to change our mindset and learn how to be [...]

Bad things happen – how to change your perspective 💫2021-03-23T15:52:52-04:00

Top 3 Reasons Sugar is The Bad Guy


Is it really the cold and flu season? Or simply holiday candy and sweets season? It starts with Halloween candy in October, moves on to pies and desserts for Thanksgiving. Before you know it you're indulging in Christmas cookies and fudge. Next, you just have to have that hot chocolate to chase away the [...]

Top 3 Reasons Sugar is The Bad Guy2021-03-23T15:53:27-04:00

4 Tips to Feel Great and Choose Joy 💟


As I mentioned last week, I was a sickly child and caught every illness I encountered ... even as an adult! I've experienced firsthand when you don't feel great, it takes a rare heart to choose joy.That was until about 11 years ago.Getting well and making healthy choices a natural habit will point you in [...]

4 Tips to Feel Great and Choose Joy 💟2020-10-29T16:48:06-04:00

Choose Joy Every Single Day


Recently, I was thinking about how it would be great to get to know you better. Especially during this year of 2020 madness, when many of our connections with people have suffered. Then it occurred to me, isn’t it about time you put a face behind the messages you receive from me?! So let's [...]

Choose Joy Every Single Day2020-10-29T16:44:35-04:00
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