Purpose. Contentment. Joy.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the world’s problems? Are you struggling with despair and anxiety? Embrace gratitude and turn your life around!

Experience this Gratitude Journal to:

  • Nurture an attitude of gratitude
  • Celebrate milestones and life’s transitions
  • Express thanks to God, family, friends, and coworkers
  • Influence your home with thankfulness in daily living

With eight chapters to guide you, 16 unique gratitude prompts, and over one hundred pages for journaling,  you can be confident that this book will encourage you to fill your heart and home with joy.

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About The Author

Diane Laffoon has a passion for helping people discover how to live a life filled with purpose, contentment, and joy. After graduating from Taylor University with a degree in psychology, she dedicated her career to working with people while traveling nationally and internationally as a trainer and mentor. Diane loves learning everything she can about what influences people so that she can help them find their own unique paths to living fulfilling lives. Her desire is to help you find out who you were created by God to be so that your life will have meaning and purpose.

Diane Laffoon

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What other’s say

“Thank you, Diane, it has been good. Something to review often to see how you are doing with gratitude.”

~ Mary

I love this! I have every intention of doing it daily. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

~ Sandy

gratitude journal

The Book Includes:

  • 8 chapters to guide you through the process of developing a life filled with purpose, contentment, and joy.
  • 16 unique gratitude prompts that help you feel more connected to what’s important in your life.
  • And more than 100 pages to use as a gratitude journal to help you feel more grateful every day.

Joy Blossoms Out Of Gratitude is more than just a creative way to express your thankfulness. It can also help you achieve peace, contentment, and joy in life by focusing on the importance of being grateful. With this journal as your guide, you’ll nurture an attitude of gratitude that will lead to more blessings for yourself and those around you.

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