The world is a pretty serious place, and it can be hard to find reasons to laugh more.

Laughter is one of the most powerful tools for healthy, joyful living. It can

  • Improve your mood,
  • Increase your energy level,
  • Boost your immune system
  • And strengthen social bonds.

But it’s hard to find time in our busy lives to laugh more often. This week I share seven easy tips for making laughter a daily practice. You never know, we might even laugh together!

Let’s Laugh More Often!

The benefits of laughter are well-documented. Laughter is one of the most healthy and beautiful things in life, but it’s not always easy for everyone to find that joy. It can take a little work!

Today we talked about 7 ways you can bring more laughter into your life to help improve your mental and physical health by laughing every day. Laughing is one of the most natural things in life; it’s free, healthy for both body and mind, enjoyable with friends or family- so laugh as often as possible!

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