Do you find it challenging to find joy in your everyday life? Do you have a sense of purpose?

Lasting joy comes from finding meaning and purpose in your life. This simply means that you’re working towards something more significant in your life, so if we don’t have some sort of goal for ourselves, chances are when difficult times arise – which they inevitably will – we won’t give up hope because our dreams are worth fighting for!

Today let’s talk about 3 ways to live a life filled with meaning so you can find joy.

You Can Find Joy

I created The G.I.F.T Method to help you find joy and meaning in life by focusing on God first, loving others as yourself, and living a life that is full of passion and enjoyment.

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My hope is this video gives you some ideas for how to find more joy each day. If you find any success, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it.