There is a common misconception that pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are always expensive…


For example, lemon essential oil is one of my favorites and it costs just over $15 for a 15ml bottle…

And it’s only $11.50 per bottle for Young Living Wholesale Members! Check out some of the many uses for lemon essential oil…

  1. Dreaming of stainless steel without those everlasting fingerprints? Add 3 drops of Lemon to a damp cloth and polish to perfection. I love doing this on high traffic surfaces to extend that glossy, clean appearance.
  2. Gum or toy slime in your child’s hair? Work it out of their locks with 1-2 drops of Lemon oil. Yes, really! I found it to smell better and work faster than the ice and peanut butter method.
  3. Have you just discovered your little artist has left a loving trail of crayon drawings all over the walls…again? A little lemon oil goes a long way in creating a clean slate. Add a couple of drops to a cloth and buff away the marks.
  4. Battle greasy stovetops, counters, and microwaves with a mixture of Lemon and vinegar. Mix about 20 drops with 1 cup of white vinegar in a glass spray bottle and then add about a cup of water. Spray those greasy surfaces and wipe clean.
  5. Look on the bright side by surrounding yourself with the stimulating aroma of lemon in an essential oil diffuser.
  6. Convince your kids to eat the sliced apples in their school lunch by tossing them in 2 drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil. Lemon Vitality provides powerful antioxidants and will also help keep those vitamin-packed wedges from turning brown.*
  7. Meet your mid-day slump at work with a cold glass of water infused with a few drops of nature’s citrus pick-me-up. This calorie-free treat will brighten your day! I also love adding Lemon Vitality and Thieves Vitality essential oil blend to hot water with honey for a soothing tea.
  8. Put an end to hard-water buildup by tackling it with a paste made of baking soda, a little bit of water, and Lemon essential oil. Watch this powerful DIY Scrub soak it clean off!
  9. Stay on task when working on that big business presentation or last-minute school project and add a few drops of Lemon to your essential oil diffuser.
  10. Snuff out stinky smells by placing a Lemon-infused cotton ball in the refrigerator, toilet paper roll, closet corner, car, or the trash can – try it taped to the lid!

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