Peppermint essential oil is a natural alternative that people of all ages can use for better health, personal care, and household uses. Peppermint essential oil has been used for centuries to soothe digestive problems and as an energizing scent.

You’ll find Peppermint essential oil can be used in many different ways throughout the day. Peppermint is perfect for refreshing carpets and freshening up workout gear after physical activity with its purifying properties. It’s also a great way to stimulate your scalp when shampooing or revitalize skin post-sun exposure.

The way that Peppermint oil can be used for health and personal care is endless, and you’ll find a variety of ways to incorporate this refreshing essential oil into your everyday lives.

What is Peppermint essential oil?

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most widely used and versatile essential oils in the world. It has an unmistakable minty scent that is wonderful to incorporate in countless applications.

Originally native to Europe, Peppermint is now grown primarily in the United States. Peppermint essential oil has an invigorating aroma and it causes a cooling sensation because one of its primary components, menthol, activates the same receptor on nerve endings involved in sensing cold.

How do you use Peppermint essential oil?

How is Peppermint essential oil used? Just about anything you can imagine! Want to add a little ​zing to DIY home cleaners? Peppermint has you covered! A tingling scalp massage sounds perfect, don’t you think? You know which oil you need. Would you like to ​infuse a bit of cheer into any room? ​Say yes to ​Peppermint! Peppermint has so much to offer that there is no end to what it can do.

Just to clear up any questions. Young Living Peppermint essential oil and Young Living Peppermint VitalityTM are the exact same essential oil.

Peppermint Vitality essential oil is labeled for internal consumption, promotes healthy bowel function, supports gastrointestinal system comfort, and adds a fresh, minty flavor to food and beverages.*

Premium Peppermint essential oil with the green label gives directions for use aromatically or topically.

It’s Cool and Crisp

There’s a reason the words fresh, chilly, and tingly come to mind when thinking of Peppermint. Constituents like menthol and menthyl acetate cause a cooling sensation when applied topically or inhaled. Since it’s a favorite when it comes to soothing sore muscles, Young Living’s highly concentrated Peppermint essential oil is found in products like Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream and Ortho Ease® Massage Oil.

Rise and Shine

Peppermint should be the first thing you reach for when a new day dawns. This brisk scent is commonly used to bring a focused and clarifying aroma, so adding a few drops of this oil to your diffuser in the morning will have you crossing off your to-dos and chasing down your dreams in no time.

16 Ways to Use Peppermint Essential Oil and Peppermint Vitality

You can do so much with Peppermint essential oil, so you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you!

  • Make your digestive activity the least of your worries; add 1–2 drops of Peppermint Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily.*
  • Give your belly a break when you’ve had too much to eat by sipping a cup of herbal tea with an added drop of Peppermint Vitality.*
  • Enhance healthy gut function by adding a drop or two to a glass of water daily.
  • Peppermint essential oil cools fatigued muscles after physical activity. Its main chemical constituent, menthol, is responsible for the cool, tingling sensation it leaves on the skin. Apply Peppermint topically to experience this soothing sensation after strenuous physical activity! It’s also found in sports creams!
  • Find your focus. Turn your office into a motivation zone by diffusing this crisp, cool oil before settling in for the workday.
  • Get a chilly burst of energy before a big workout by applying Peppermint to your chest or inhaling it directly.
  • Relax after a long day. Dilute 1 drop of Peppermint with 4 drops of V-6™ or another carrier oil; then rub on the temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Be careful to avoid your eyes! You’ll feel a soothing, cooling sensation, courtesy of the constituents menthol and menthyl acetate.
  • Help your family focus during homework time by adding Peppermint to your favorite diffuser blends.
  • Soothe sun-kissed skin. Cool skin after a day in the sun by adding a few drops of Peppermint and Lavender to aloe vera gel.
  • Freshen carpets. Try the purifying scent of Kunzea with Peppermint’s bright aroma. Make a carpet powder with 1 cup of baking soda and 20-30 drops of essential oil.
  • Create your own DIY chest rub by combining Peppermint essential oil with a small amount of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.
  • Stimulate your scalp. Add 3 drops of Peppermint to your shampoo in the morning and massage it into your scalp for 2 minutes for a brisk way to start the day.
  • When the temperature’s climbing and you feel like melted ice cream on a hot sidewalk, add two drops of Peppermint to a cold, damp washcloth. Be careful to avoid your eyes! It’s perfect for the back of your neck, your forehead, or your chest.
  • Freshen funky workout gear. Smelly gym bag or stinky shoes? Mix 2 ounces of water and 6 drops of Peppermint in a spray bottle to freshen it up! Add Purification® essential oil blend or Lemon essential oil for an extra boost of freshness.
  • Give yourself a boost of positivity! When your day is dragging—through a workout, class, or day at work—enjoy some Peppermint oil benefits by applying it to your head and neck.
  • When added to the bottom of a shower, Peppermint revitalizes and soothes with aromatic steam.

Suppose you’re looking for a natural way to relax, soothe muscles or freshen your home without the toxic chemicals found in many household products. In that case, Peppermint essential oil is an excellent choice. I’ve provided some ways that this versatile oil can be used around your home and office.

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