Another update for you from my hot tub adventures! First a recap:

From March 2010 post “Sparkling Clean Hot Tub – and NO chemicals added!

Just out from a lovely dip in the hot tub. With the nice Spring weather this week I decided to change the water and clean it. Last time I changed the water? Hate to admit it … AUGUST! I usually try to change the water every 3-4 months but it just didn’t need it. Why, you ask? What’s different?

GERANIUM – Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Since I purchased the hot tub in 2006, I’ve used Baqua Spa Chemicals to balance the water and keep it sanitary. Then, in October 2009 I read about using Geranium Essential Oil in your hot tub. All I have used since October is about 6 drops of geranium once a week.

I was shocked as I emptied it – after 6 months of use. Typically when I empty the water from the pipes and pump it comes out milky colored and well … just gross. This time? The water from the pumps was crystal clear – no kidding! I also found the nooks and crannies that I usually have to scrub were just not that dirty at all.

After refilling my 355-gallon tub, I put 20 drops of Geranium oil in and voila! All done. I’m excited at not only the financial savings but the thought of no chemicals on my skin.

UPDATE: May 2011

Hot tub continues to be crystal clear with the Geranium essential oil. Now, I change the water only twice a year. There are a couple of other things I do to keep the water clean.

When I fill the tub, I use our well water that is very highly alkaline and full of rust, too. Because of this, I use “Sodium Bisulfate”, a mineral salt, to balance the ph before adding 20 drops of Geranium.

Also, when we are using the hot tub regularly, I wash out the filters once a week with a hose. Then, about once a month I put the filters in a tub of water with 8-10 drops of Thieves Essential Oil Blend. I soak them overnight, then put them back in the hot tub.

UPDATE: September 2011

I received a lovely email from a friend who decided to use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Geranium Essential Oil in her hot tub this year. Check out her thoughts:

I thought you might be wondering how I made out with the hot tub. It took me a little to figure out the regulation of the PH, but I think I have conquered that hurdle. Everyone is happy to be rid of the chorine. Because our spa is at the lake house, I drain it in the fall and reopen it in the spring. I will definitely be doing the geranium oil again next year. Thanks for your help! Dawn