Say “I Love You” with all 5 senses


Did you know humans have a multitude of senses? However, touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell are the five traditionally recognized senses. It's also important to recognize that women tend to be more sensitive than men... Literally. Typically, women are more sensitive to touch, have more sensitive taste buds, have better low-light vision and can [...]

Say “I Love You” with all 5 senses2017-11-28T13:58:43-05:00

Easy Homemade Bath Salts


Here's an easy recipe for those who enjoy a nice soak in the tub. Making jars of homemade bath salts that include the therapeutic benefit of Young Living Essential Oils is also a wonderful gift idea!

Easy Homemade Bath Salts2021-03-16T12:57:27-04:00
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