A friend of mine said, “Is there really anyone who doesn’t want to be less stressed and feel more joy?!”

Today you’ll hear where you can discover the very best secrets to de-stress and feel joy daily!

It’s a difficult time of year… between the never-ending blustery weather… maybe you had a disappointing Valentine’s Day… maybe you’re dealing with illness in your family.

This message is for you!

Wednesday, February 17th at 10:00 AM Eastern Time is the Awaken Your Heart Summit!

9 Speakers will share with you their best secrets for pulling yourself out of the dark and getting un-stuck.

This Summit is for you if you are struggling…

If you wrestle over your schedule to make time for family, career, home, and just plain old life. During the Summit, these experts will unlock secrets to overcome all the demands and choose joy each day.

This Summit is for you if you are searching…

Have you been looking for a way to use your God-given abilities to serve others? During the Summit, you will be given clear direction as to the steps you need to take to get un-stuck and start to make it happen.

This Summit is for you if are sad…

Whether it’s because of unmet expectations, or you just don’t wake up in the morning ready to take on the world. Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one – or you’re suffering because of illness.

This Summit will be a shot in the arm to perk up your attitude and make you ready to welcome Spring with a spring in your step!

The Awaken Your Heart Summit is completely FREE. It is a one-time-only live event. There will not be a replay. You must register now to get access.

You’ll hear expert advice to guide you into discovering secrets to lighten your load and take delight in each day!

Reserve your spot now!